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About us

Status-Expert Group has provided package of services to importers, exporters and producers of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the Kaliningrad region since 1999.

A tight-knit experienced team, extensive network of partners, and the organization’s structure which covers the whole region, enable us to solve problems of any level of complexity. We are member of the Kaliningrad Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The main activity of the Group is the customs clearance of goods. Customs clearance can be done either on behalf of the Client or on behalf of the all-Russian customs representative. At present, the Group represents interests of customs representative Customs Partner LLC (St. Petersburg) in the Kaliningrad region, which is member of Continent Group of Companies. Customs Partner LLC is included in the Register of customs representatives and has Certificate No 0450/04 dated 20.02.2016.

Status-Expert Group can work within all the customs stations of the Kaliningrad region and with any mode of transport. In the process of customs clearance the Group’s personnel perform all the needed procedures which are stated in the Customs Code of the Customs Union and the contract with the Client.

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Our services

Forwarding services

Rely on the professionals who know transport logistics firsthand and have many years of experience in organizing shipment of goods. You will achieve not only significant real money saving, but also a guarantee that your cargo will be in the right place at the right time. Freight transport logistics is an effective way to save your money.

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Customs consulting

The economic situation in the world markets constantly changes. In these circumstances competent professional consultation is necessary not only for companies that face the need to start FEA, but also for companies that have already gained experience in trade with foreign partners.

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Outsourcing of foreign economic activity (FEA)

Dear FEA participants!

In case you do not want or cannot act as a direct importer of goods for some reason, we can offer you a complete FEA outsourcing under the condition Status-Expert Kaliningrad Company acts as an importer.

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Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the Kaliningrad region

Status-Expert Group has operated since 1999 and therefore has taken part in all development stages of the Special Economic Zone in the Kaliningrad region.

We are experts to help you gain insight into changed conditions of the SEZ functioning that came into effect on April 1, 2016.

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We can help you obtain the Customs Union Certificate, GOST Russia Certificate of Conformity, Certificate of Conformity with Technical Regulations, Customs Union Declaration of Conformity, exemption letter, fire certificate and other permits for your products. Send your order now.

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Customs representative

Customs Partner LLC operates as a customs representative (broker) on the whole territory of the Russian Federation without any restrictions upon groups of goods from the Commodity Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity, modes of transport and types of customs operations.

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Customs clearance

We provide all the range of customs clearance services of cargoes shipped by any mode of transport, on behalf of the customs representative (broker).

Status-Expert Group has years of experience in the field of customs clearance and interaction with customs authorities which afford us to clear cargoes through customs without delay.

Status-Expert Group provides:

  • preparation and approval of documents needed for customs clearance
  • goods classification in accordance with the Commodity Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity of the Russian Federation
  • declaring goods, completing goods declaration (GD)
  • release of expert conclusions
  • obtaining permits
  • preliminary calculation of customs duties
  • consultation on customs clearance procedure

Customs clearance is done within the region of the Kaliningrad Regional Customs’ activity.

Customs clearance is intrinsically linked to the whole foreign trade operation and is its final stage, but intricacies of customs procedure should be taken into consideration as soon as negotiations with foreign partners have started. Remember that ignorance or misunderstanding of the Russian legislation, non-compliance with the rules of import or export of goods, as well as cooperation with the organizations practicing illegal schemes of movement of goods across national borders may entail responsibility, both administrative and criminal.

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Группа компаний Статус-Эксперт

Группа компаний «Статус-Эксперт» с 1999 года предоставляет своим клиентам качественные услуги в области таможенного консалтинга и таможенного оформления, а также практические решения в сфере ВЭД на территории Особой экономической зоны в Калининградской области. Работаем с общероссийскими таможенными представителями. Только мы, на этапе таможенного оформления снижаем риски получателя, которые могут возникнуть в ходе таможенного контроля после выпуска товаров,
Группа компаний Статус-Эксперт
Группа компаний Статус-ЭкспертSeptember 19, 2018 4:48am
«Многие импортеры по наивности полагают, что главное — пройти таможенный «шлагбаум», после чего этот фискальный орган о них забывает. К тому, что после завершения таможенного оформления таможенный контроль только начинается и будет длиться еще три года, бизнесмены еще не привыкли.
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Группа компаний Статус-Эксперт
Группа компаний Статус-ЭкспертSeptember 14, 2018 7:22pm
Это надо знать!
3 сентября 2018 года Приказом № 1364 ФТС РФ разрешил таможням непосредственного подчинения самостоятельно направлять запросы Вашим иностранным контрагентам, экспедиторам и перевозчикам.
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Группа компаний Статус-Эксперт
Группа компаний Статус-ЭкспертSeptember 14, 2018 6:04am
Декларация о ввозе образцов есть? А протокол испытаний? #таможенноеоформление #калининград #таможня #калининградскаяобласть #таможенныйпредставитель
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Группа компаний Статус-Эксперт
Группа компаний Статус-ЭкспертSeptember 13, 2018 9:20pm
Эксперимент по отслеживанию транзитных перевозок запущен!
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