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Customs clearance

Any cargoes, regardless of their size, value and country of origin, are subject to customs clearance on the territory of the Russian Federation. This procedure requires specific efforts, knowledge of document management and high legal awareness of those who perform it. In order to clear imported cargoes through customs without delay, not only a required set of documents should be collected, but also they should be examined for availability of all the needed information, correctness of form and filling.

Status-Expert Group has years of experience in the field of customs clearance and interaction with customs authorities which afford us to clear cargoes through customs without delay.

We provide all the range of customs clearance services of cargoes shipped by any mode of transport, on behalf of the customs representative (broker).

Status-Expert Group provides:

  • preparation and approval of documents needed for customs clearance
  • goods classification in accordance with the Commodity Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity of the Russian Federation
  • declaring goods, completing goods declaration (GD)
  • release of expert conclusions
  • obtaining permits
  • preliminary calculation of customs duties
  • consultation on customs clearance procedure


Customs clearance is done within the region of the Kaliningrad Regional Customs’ activity.

Customs clearance is intrinsically linked to the whole foreign trade operation and is its final stage, but intricacies of customs procedure should be taken into consideration as soon as negotiations with foreign partners have started. Remember that ignorance or misunderstanding of the Russian legislation, non-compliance with the rules of import or export of goods, as well as cooperation with the organizations practicing illegal schemes of movement of goods across national borders may entail responsibility, both administrative and criminal.