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Certification (origin – from Latin sertifico ‘I certify’) is the confirmation given by certification authorities that certain objects conform to technical regulations, standards, sets of rules, or contract terms. Certification also refers to the procedure of obtaining a certificate.

Product certification is the procedure of quality confirmation by means of which a body independent from a producer (seller, contractor) and a consumer (buyer), certifies in a written form that products conform to specified requirements.

Certification schemes (for your reference)

At present, for certification in accordance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union different schemes of certification can be used. These schemes are regulated by

Main schemes of certification in the system of the Russian National Standard (GOST R)

Scheme of Certification 2 – under the scheme, the Certificate of Conformity for production is issued under a Contract or Agreement. This scheme is applicable for all goods imported to the territory of the Russian Federation. This scheme means that goods are produced by an import company and a holder of the Certificate of Conformity or the Declaration of Conformity is a Russian company. In the process of certification under this scheme standard samples of products must be selected, necessary tests are carried out to determine conformity with standards and technical regulations, after that a test report is issued. The Certificate of Conformity issued under this scheme is valid for 1 year.

Scheme of Certification 3 and 3A – under the scheme, certification documents are issued in the name of a producer. The Certificate of Conformity with a validity period up to 3 years can be issued. Scheme 3 is applicable in case a producer holds an international quality certificate. If a producer does not hold an international quality certificate, the certificate is issued under scheme 3A. If a validity period of the certificate is more than 1 year, repeated (inspection) tests must be carried out. The number and date of a contract for inspection tests is also stated in the certificate in the field Additional information.

Scheme of Certification 7 – the scheme refers to clearance of a large shipment of goods under a Contract or Agreement. Under the scheme, the certificate of conformity shall include information not only about the contract, but also about the invoice (its date and number) and about a specified shipment of goods. After product testing, an open-dated Certificate of Conformity is issued.

Scheme of Certification 9 – it is applicable for small shipments of goods (when a few articles, a few dozen are imported). If a producer holds an international quality certificate or a declaration on product quality, the Certificate of Conformity can be issued without product testing. This scheme is applicable for a single small shipment to the territory of the Russian Federation.