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Customs consulting

The economic situation in the world markets constantly changes. In these circumstances competent professional consultation is necessary not only for companies that face the need to start FEA, but also for companies that have already gained experience in trade with foreign partners.

Customs consulting service offered by professionals of Status-Expert Group to our clients, refers to giving qualified consultations on legal, organizational and financial spheres of FEA.

Legal consultations:

  • Choice of a scheme for a foreign-trade contract
  • FEA outsourcing
  • Legal aspects of doing FEA in the Russian Federation
  • Legislation of the Russian Federation in the sphere of FEA
  • Negotiation of contracts with foreign partners
  • Usage of the Incoterms rules
  • Imported goods certification
  • Registration of FEA participants with the customs
  • Documents and information for customs clearance
  • Measures to avoid problems within customs clearance
  • Tightened inspection criteria at the customs (risk profile)
  • Justification of customs value
  • Document management for arrangement of special treatment
  • Customs clearance on the territory of other countries for import, export, transit as well as for temporary import and export

Accounting consultations:

  • Currency transaction report forms, accounting and supporting documentation for foreign exchange transactions
  • Responsibility for violation of currency legislation
  • VAT in foreign-trade operations and services, VAT at the customs

Consultations on arrangements for foreign-trade deliveries:

  • Choice of the most preferable transportation scheme
  • Delivery expedition
  • Issuing of goods shipping documents


A high quality of our services in customs consulting is provided by a constant maintenance of a high skill level of our specialists.

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