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Forwarding services

Rely on the professionals who know transport logistics firsthand and have many years of experience in organizing shipment of goods. You will achieve not only significant real money saving, but also a guarantee that your cargo will be in the right place at the right time. Freight transport logistics is an effective way to save your money.

Transport logistics performed by Status-Expert Group is a good example of professionalism and your opportunity to get true satisfaction with a high-quality service and an excellent result of our specialists’ precise work. Freight transport logistics which we elaborate is based on years of experience of our company.

Freight transport logistics provided by Status-Expert Group includes elaboration of shipment of:

  • cargoes that do not require temperature control by curtain-sided trucks with capacity up to 24 tones and volume up to 92 cubic metres from Western and Eastern Europe to Russia and back;
  • cargoes requiring temperature control by refrigerating trucks with capacity up to 20 tones and volume up to 86 cubic metres;
  • oversized and extra heavy cargoes;
  • cargoes in 20-, 40-, or 45-foot containers by vehicles with capacity up to 24 tones from Finland to the Russian Federation or the Republic of Belarus;
  • cargoes in shipping containers by sea or by rail.


After having a consultation in our company, you will be convinced that freight transport logistics elaborated in our company is the most efficient of all possible. Competently chosen freight transport logistics will help you improve effectiveness of your business.


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